At Marco’s Pizza, we’re neighborhood people helping people in our neighborhood. We offer a variety of fundraising programs tailored for your organization. From partnering with neighborhood schools, churches and local organizations, we are committed to bringing families together.

School Nights are a great no-effort fund-raiser! On a specific day, the community orders delicious Marco’s Pizza on behalf of your school or organization. Marco’s Pizza will give back a percentage of sales generated from the school night that are called in on the phone, placed in the store, or via our online ordering platform.

Box Nights allow students to design their own pizza box. The student’s family orders Marco’s Pizza on the designated day, and the meal will be delivered in the student’s custom box.

Marco’s Pizza believes in rewarding students for a job well done. Our student incentives provide students who obtain good grades or a perfect attendance record with free Marco’s Pizza products.

If your school or organization is interested in fundraising opportunities, please contact Harry Ragsdale at (843) 325-6525 or

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